Irishman Liam Keane takes a dip in huge pothole

It's pothole season in St. John's, an annual ritual of crumbling pavement and busted tires.

Canada welcomes pothole season about as much as the prospect of standing at the bus stop in February with no mittens.

Our potholes have tried to swallow buses and Canadians have been known to take matters into their own hands, seeking vigilante pothole justice. Our potholes have been made into street art and pitted against each other in the Canadian Automobile Association's Worst Roads competition.

There's even an app for pothole reporting in New Brunswick.

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But an enormous hole in an Ireland road might be the worst we've seen yet. It must have looked like a swimming pool to the man in this YouTube video, who decided to put on his swimming shorts and take a dip.

The video has been viewed about 183,000 since it was uploaded on Dec. 30. The BBC interviewed the 21-year-old, named Liam Keane, who said he thought a pothole swim would be a much-needed laugh for people feeling down over Ireland's austerity budget.

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The video shows Keane sinking up to his chest in water. A city council spokesperson told the BBC it wasn't technically a pothole because a burst water main below had caused the road to implode.

Maybe Canada is still in the running for the worst roads worldwide, after all.