Kickstarter project ‘Tail Lights’ aims to help horses glow in the dark

Tail Lights are a not only a unique decoration, but help cars see your horses at night.

Soon, you may see many a horse of a different colour.

A new product in development that's seeking crowd-funding through Kickstarter promises to make sure horses are always stylish and visible, even when their riders are cowboys who travel well past sunset. The start-up Tail Lights will sell LED lights riders can attach to a horse's tail for a bright and colourful glow that keeps them visible to cars.

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The idea, which has raised $17,000 of its $100,000 goal with 36 days left, originated after a car struck the Tail Lights founder, Sami Gros.

On a cool November evening Sami, our founder, and her friend were riding both of Sami's horses back to the barn. Despite living in an equestrian community and using reflectors, Sami's horse and her friend were struck by a car. It was a hit and run.

All humans were unhurt but one of the horses was badly injured, the website says. And so began the invention of LED strips attached to a wrap that fits around a horse's tail that become built-in tail lights and a hair accessory to boot. Versions are available in single- or multi-colour varieties with a strobe function to serve as emergency flashers.

But how will they turn on the brake lights?

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