Kid eats world’s hottest chili pepper


What would you do for, say, two million YouTube views? YouTuber Pikachu The Pokemon would record himself eating the world’s hottest chili pepper – which he did, to hilarious results.

The fourth-grader ate a Carolina Reaper, which is said to be 100 times hotter than a jalapeno, and while he downs an entire glass of milk, there’s no denying the small pepper is wreaking havoc on his insides.

“You’re not supposed to swallow it!” the boy’s grandfather is heard saying in the background, while his grandson drinks the milk in a panic.

“Later on my stomach was burning like Satan was burning me with fire,” he says wide-eyed, in a video recorded after eating the chili pepper.

The chili peppers were bought off Amazon for just over £3, he explained in the follow-up video. Despite the obvious pain and discomfort (not to mention the, ahem, after-effects), he says he would do it again – just for all the YouTube views.

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