Looking to bypass long lines at Disney World? Hire a disabled guide

Looking to bypass long lines at Disney World? Hire a disabled guide

Add a new line to the list of items money can buy. Parents are now using their excess cash to rent disabled tour guides who let them jump lines at Walt Disney World, according to the New York Post.

Unfortunately, they appear to be spending the money they set aside for that shiny new set of ethics.

Disney World permits guests with disabilities and up to five people in their party to use a special entrance, according to the website.

The New York Post reported that for $130 an hour, disabled tour guides are renting out their services to a small group of families who are using the accommodation to bypass long lines.

Social media users expressed disgust at the tactic.

An unidentified mother is quoted saying that while most kids had to wait two and a half hours to board It's a Small World, her daughter was on the ride within one minute of arriving. The tabloid says she booked through a company called Dream Tours Florida, which announced it had stopped offering tours at this time because of slander, according to CNN.

Dr. Wednesday Martin, the researcher who apparently uncovered the scheme, told the Post a small group of elite Manhattan mothers circulates the information for booking a disabled guide.

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