Man proposes to girlfriend with record-breaking GPS drawing

Nadine Kalinauskas
Good News Writer
Daily Buzz

When it comes to marriage proposals, some people like to go big. Really big. 

In 2008, Japanese artist Yasushi Takahashi, known as Yassan, quit his job and set off to explore Japan — and write a message to his girlfriend with his GPS logger

He uploaded video excepts of his half-year adventure on YouTube. 

When Yassan reached his final destination, his “message” was complete. When he downloaded his GPS data into Google Maps, the long, meandering route across Japan spelled out “Marry me.”

She said yes. 

Yassan now holds the Guinness World Record for “largest GPS drawing” — although some would argue the “Read Ayn Rand” drawing across the United States deserves that honour. 

While Yassan made his epic, romantic trek years ago, it’s now being featured in a new ad campaign by Hi-Tek, a company that makes hiking shoes and boots. 

Yassan’s proposal wasn’t his only large-scale GPS drawing. Check out the artist’s impressive portfolio here