Man receives photo souvenirs of the woman who has his iPad

She's been caught cross-eyed and facing the camera.

At least, that's the view of Allen Engstrom from North Little Rock, Arkansas, who forgot his tablet on a flight from Phoenix to Denver and then started receiving pictures of a stranger from the device, according to ABC7.

The tablet had somehow ended up with an unidentified woman who took silly pictures of herself. The images appeared on the owner's iPhone after syncing through Apple's iCloud service. Thanks to Engstrom, the woman has become famous online, apparently without even realizing it.

In late February, Engstrom posted a picture of a woman making a kiss face and crossing her eyes.

"Hey cool! This is an actual pic of the wonderful person who stole my iPad. Apparently the pics she is taking of herself are backing up and appearing on my phone. No I'm not kidding, this is really happening."

The picture was a hit. It's been shared on Facebook more than 1000 times and as Engstrom continued to receive and share more pictures of the woman, his story went viral.

Reactions on Facebook are mostly shock and laughter. But so far, it hasn't brought Engstrom his iPad back.

Engstrom took a picture of himself holding a piece of paper that says "I want my iPad back." He took it with his phone so that it would sync back to the iPad and reach the woman who's been using his device, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, at least some people on the Internet are indulging in this bit of bizarre entertainment.

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