Man takes on mouse with a gun – mouse wins

In the eternal battle between man and mouse, one Ontario rodent has emerged victorious.

As QMI Agency reports, 40-year-old Dale Whitmell of Goulais River landed in the hospital after he lunged for a set of whiskers and shot himself in the forehead instead.

Whitmell was at a camp near Wawa, Ont., last Wednesday when he set his sights on the eradication of one particular furry critter.

As he swooped down to kill the mouse with the butt of a rifle, the weapon accidentally discharged.

By some mercy of the rodent gods, the bullet only grazed Whitmell's forehead. He was treated at a local hospital and later released.

In fairness to Whitmell, the article states he was unaware the rifle had been loaded.

That detail will likely come into play on Sept. 17, when Whitmell is schedule to appear in court on careless use of a firearm charges.

In the meantime, he joins a long list of individuals who have taken on animals and lost.

Back in 2009, staff at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium rushed to stanch a 200-gallon saltwater flood after a resident octopus managed to open a water valve in her tank.

And who can forget the incredible sight of an orangutan putting a sumo wrestler to shame during a round of tug of war?

Proof that unless you're fully prepared, it's best to leave all man versus beast attempt to Bear Grylls.