Man wearing 'Seriously, I have drugs' T-shirt arrested for having drugs

When a guy says he has drugs, you should believe him.

That's what a Pasco County Sheriff's deputy thought when he ran into John Balmer at a Hudson, Florida, Kmart store.

Balmer couldn't have been more suspicious, sporting a black T-shirt that read "Who Needs Drugs? No, seriously, I have drugs."

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Balmer tried to hand a "bag of green leafy substance" to a person behind him in line at a cash register when he locked eyes with the sheriff's deputy. When the person rejected the gift, he put the baggy on the floor and paid for his items.

Deputies discovered the bag contained marijuana and methamphetamine. Balmer, 50, was promptly arrested and charged with possession of meth.

Balmer refused to comment on the arrest. There's no need. His T-shirt says it all.

(Photo via Pasco County Sheriff's Office)