Manitoba granny defies winter in a swimsuit

The tower at the Winnipeg airport is barely visible through blowing snow in 1997.

This morning, millions of Canadians looked out their windows, looked at the calendar, looked out their windows again and shook a frozen fist at the sky. “Damn you, Mother Nature, you fickle mistress!” we shouted in unison. “Is this what you call spring?”

No, of course it isn’t. It’s winter stretching out on an icy lounge chair, frozen margarita in hand, settling in for an extended visit.

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But Kim Bright isn’t taking any of winter’s shenanigans.

The Brandon, Manitoba grandmother has performed the equivalent of flipping winter the bird through her “Canadian Granny Defies Winter” video series. In each of the eight videos posted thus far, she performs an outdoor cold-weather activity while dressed in little more than a bathing suit and a trapper’s hat.

One of her latest offerings, uploaded on March 5, shows a determined Bright walking her dog past several mountains of snow.

Brandon has a particularly robust snow season this year, with temperatures often dipping in the negative double digits and yet Bright still managed to find the one possible positive outcome: “No mosquitoes today!” she exclaims as she leads her pooch past a tiny Mt. Everest of frozen precipitation.

In others she urges fellow Manitobans to “Fight on!” through the misery.

Other Canadian Granny adventures include the fearless warrior woman ice skating, pushing a snow-locked vehicle, riding a bike and making snow angels in her beachwear.

The videos began as a bit of a joke to send to some friends who managed to escape to warm vacation destinations while Bright and her son remained entrenched in the freezing cold.

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"We did that one and it was [like], 'Oh, well, why don't we do a skating one?' So that was number two. And then, 'Oh, why don't we do one walking the dog in the winter?'" she told CBC.

"It just went on from there. Some of them have gotten a little ridiculous."

Not ridiculous, Canadian Granny. Fabulous. They are fabulous. And so are you.