Mobile company transforms another boring commute into the best bus stop ever

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

We've all wished, while standing at a transit stop waiting endlessly for the next bus, that a yellow sports car would pull up and offer a ride.

That, along with a dog sled and jugglers on stilts were some of the surprises that met commuters at bus stops during an advertising campaign for Qualcomm's Born Mobile.

The company placed bus stop advertisements to peak the curiosity of bored commuters.

"In a hurry?" one of the ads said.

"Bored?" said another. "Use your mobile device to entertain yourself. Right now."

Qualcomm distributed the advertisements, with little more than the simple slogans and a website URL, to various stops. And then they waited.

When people visited the website, the scene transformed into the 'best bus stop ever,' as Qualcomm describes it. A woman pulled up to rescue one young man in her shiny yellow car. In other instance, a sled led by six dogs pulled up to offer a pavement dogsled ride as people turned their heads in awe.

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When a man with a small child typed in the URL, a circus scene unfolded before the pair's eyes, complete with jugglers, clowns and a hula hooper.

Tricks and hidden camera surprises aren't new in the advertising industry. However, I'd certainly choose a free ride over a prank that makes me out to be a criminal.

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