Mother of four gobbles down 363 chicken wins in 30 minutes

Mother of four gobbles down 363 chicken wins in 30 minutes

Who says girls can’t eat?

120-pound, mother of four, Molly Schuyler of Nebraska has proved this theory dead wrong.

After consuming an astonishing 363 chicken wings at the 22nd annual SportsRadio 94 WIP Wing Bowl on Friday morning, Schuyler is now the reigning champ.

Devouring 363 wings in just 30 minutes, she blew the previous record of 337 wings out of the water, as well as her competitors for that matter.

At just 5-foot-5 and weighing in at a mere 120 pounds, this mother of four has really made a name for herself in the competitive eating world.

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Last year alone, she was named the “world’s #1 ranked female independent competitive eater” by All Pro Eating, a competitive eating organization.

She has wowed people by winning previous competitive eating competitions, including a beef patty eating contest and a fried mushroom eating contest last year.

She also made headlines earlier this month by demolishing a 72-ounce steak in less than 3 minutes!

“Molly Schuyler has quickly become a Competitive Eating Idol,” says Todd Greenwald, chairman of All Pro Eating. “She breaks the common misconception of what a ‘Competitive Eater’ looks like.”

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Looking at this little hoover, you would never guess she could out-eat Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason Kelce, who ate only 65 wings and was knocked out in the first round. Really Jason? You’re a 6-foot-3, 300-pound professional football player … 65 wings is an embarrassment. Not to mention you lost to a 120-pound girl!

Competitors Patrick Bertoletti and Jamie ‘The Bear’ McDonald came close to beating Schuyler on Friday at the Wing Bowl placing 2nd and 3rd in the competition. Bertoletti talked a big game but in the end he was no match for this devouring damsel. Sorry boys, close but no cigar.

The best part? How about the cheque for $22,000.00 that Schuyler took home as her first place prize. “Just because you’re female, doesn’t mean you can’t eat,” she says. Damn right Molly, you go, girl!

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