Movember: Nick Offerman of ‘Parks and Recreation’ offers his moustache-growing tips

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November approaches — and with it, the season of the 'stache.

Since 2004, the month between October and December has been ably handled by facial hair growers around the world, many of whom forgo the razor in order to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

And while results most certainly vary, all Movember participants have a noble task in mind: raising funds for cancer research and, as the Movember Foundation writes, to "change the face of men's health."

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As a helpful PSA to encourage optimal performance, Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman is offering tips on how he achieved his legendary soup strainer.

"The bulk of you will end this month with something atrocious on your lip," he says. "The rest of you will be passable. But in the spirit of awareness I wanted to offer a few simple ideas of my own that can help a novice grow a full and thicker moustache."

Some of those tips include: smelling wood, tolerating a crying baby, moving out of your parents' house and eating a raw onion — a technique Offerman is generous enough to demonstrate on camera.

Finally, and most importantly, "don't shave your upper lip."

So to everyone packing up the Gillette in preparation for next week: good luck. And thank you.

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