Must-see videos of the week: March 6-12

Must-see videos of the week: March 6-12

What do volcanic eruptions, wing-suited base jumpers, and the adorable meerkat have in common? They're all featured in this week's edition of our Must-See Videos. We begin in the far east of Russia, site of the Shiveluch and Kliuchevskoi volcanoes.

British volcanic photographer Dr. Richard Roscoe travelled from Munich, Germany, in order to capture these volatile yet stunning volcanic eruptions. He stayed awake for as many as 20 hours straight in a bid capture this incredible footage. Due to the danger of the active volcano, Dr. Roscoe had to set up 3.5 miles away from Shiveluch in an area that had previously been decimated by earlier volcanic activity. Klichevskoi presented even more danger, forcing the doctor to set up some 12.5 miles away.

Emailing has long been a standard form of communication, but we're willing to bet that you've never pondered the environmental affects of transmitting and housing email. It's easy to assume that this paperless communication would be nothing but beneficial to the environment, but after watching this video, we learn this is simply not true. Nuclear energy and fossil fuels are used to transmit email, and the simple task of copying in a second recipient to an email can generate as much as six extra grams of carbon dioxide.

Now, before you run home to try these out for yourselves, we must remind you to be safe. Science can be fun, but it can also be somewhat dangerous. But enough about that. Let's get back to the fun! You may have seen the Diet Coke and Mentos explosion before, but explosive experiments such as the Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket are pretty cool as well.

We've featured these wingsuit BASE jumping videos before, but the daring jumps and breathtaking views are often the focus of the video. This video is a little bit different. When Michael Schwery lept off the ledge, he apparently took too long to open his armwings. He came out rather low and when it came time for a landing... well, as you can see, there weren't many options. Schwery was lucky to avoid serious injury, but that roof sure took a beating.


Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas spent six days in the Makgadikgadi region of Botswana, and it certainly didn't take him long to make some new friends. These adorable little Meerkats are just as friendly as they are fearless. While the little ones were enamoured his the camera, the elders found a more practical use for Burrard-Lucas' presence, using the photographer as a perch for a better view of the land. And as you can see, Burrard-Lucas certainly didn't seem to mind.

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