Must-see videos of the week – August 9

Jordan Chittley
Daily Buzz
Diane Sawyer reveals the top stories people have been buzzing about this week.

From a Canadian mayor serving his town for 50 years to a brave wife saving her husband's hand after a saw accident, we have seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Tourist breaks off finger of 600-year-old Italian statue

An American tourist visiting a museum in Florence accidentally snapped off the pinky finger of a medieval statue. The man was reportedly trying to measure the size of the statue's hand against his own. Guards spotted the man touching the work of art, but were unable to stop him before the damage was done. The statue, which is believed to be from the 14th or 15th century, is thought to be the work of sculptor Giovanni D'Ambrogio. The man has apologized and the museum told the Daily Mail "it is a fairly simple restoration."

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2. Canadian mayor spends 50 years in office

Hazel McCallion has been mayor of Mississauga for 34 years, but that's nothing compared to John Hamlyn. He has been mayor of Crow Head, Newfoundland for 50 years. It may be a record. At 81, he plans to run for re-election next month.

3. Paddle boarder encounters shark

If I were close to a shark, I would prefer to be in a larger watercraft than a paddle board, but that's just me. This paddle boarder seems incredibly calm despite being able to clearly see a shark swimming right underneath him. He even puts the camera in the water so we can get a better view and then paddles after the shark. I would most likely paddle the other way.

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4. Wife saves man's hand after saw accident

When Heather Hudson heard her husband, Daniel, screaming she rushed to the garage and the first thing she saw was his hand on a saw. It was cut off. Instead of panicking, Heather wrapped the hand and rushed Daniel to the hospital. Luckily for doctors - and Daniel - the saw made a clean cut, which actually made it easier for doctors to do the full hand reattachment. They put it back on within five hours and it works. Daniel says he isn't getting rid of the saw. He plans to use it in the future to finish the project he was originally working on.

5. Dolphin gives birth

Dolphins have been in the news a lot this week, from having an amazing memory to being able to imitate humans. We also have this simple, amazing video of a dolphin giving birth at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. The mother was in labour for hours to deliver the 18-kilogram bottlenose. Zoo officials say the baby is doing swimmingly.