Must-see videos of the week – Jan. 18

Jordan Chittley
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A father figures out the quickest and simplest way to make his daughter's ponytail. He just uses the household vacuum cleaner!

From a new hairdressing technique to what may be the cutest puppy video we've ever seen, there have been some great clips this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Father uses vacuum to make ponytail

When you think of a parent helping a little girl make a ponytail it usually isn't the father, but one dad has figured out how to make one in about two seconds. He uses a vacuum to suck in the hair and then pushes the hair elastic over it. When the girl becomes a teen maybe he'll use another house appliance to help her put on makeup. At least she'll never keep her dates waiting.

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2. Older dog teaches puppy to walk stairs

When learning a new trick it always helps to have a friend. So luckily for the 8-week-old foster puppy he had a six-month-old lab mix rescue dog to help him learn to walk down the stairs. The video was uploaded by Tim Doucette of Winnipeg, who did it to show that "rescue animals are just a great, if not more' than animals purchased from breeders. Doucette writes on the YouTube page both of these dogs are from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg and he is hoping to spread awareness of adopting dogs.

3. Avalanche victim gets rescued

Around the world approximately 150 die in avalanches each year with about 11 of those fatalities being in Canada. If you are skiing in the backcountry, it's always good to know someone you are with will be able to do everything possible to rescue you if a slide does occur. Here, the one skier keeps calm, spots the victim and pulls off the rescue. The Canadian Avalanche Centre offers safety courses and National Geographic offers a number tips including carrying the right equipment and knowing how to use it.

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4. Woman freed from tight spot

It's unclear exactly how an Oregon woman ended up trapped between two close together buildings, but she should be very happy a bystander heard her yelling and called 9-1-1. The woman was reportedly seen smoking on the roof of a two-storey building when she fell about 3 to 4 metres into the gap. A gap that got narrower as it got closer to the ground and was only about 20 cm wide where she was stuck. Rescuers cut a window in the concrete wall and helped the woman wiggle out. The entire rescue took more than three hours. She isn't the first to get stuck in a tight spot - a Chinese boy had to be rescued after getting his head stuck in a balcony while playing with friends last August.

5. Baby elephant rescued from well

We're not sure if this elephant's name is Timmy, but it somehow managed to get stuck in a well. Luckily nearby villagers in India heard the elephant trumpeting and wildlife officials used a bulldozer to create a path for the calf to walk up.

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