Naked man goes on mini-rampage in downtown Los Angeles

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A man in Los Angeles has tried to launch his performance career by getting naked, running onto the street and stomping on a car while encouraging onlookers to applaud him.

Actually, his behaviour was probably fueled more by a drug-addled brain than acting ambition but he certainly had an audience.

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According to ABC7, a naked man ran outside of a building downtown and onto the road, where he climbed on top of a red Mustang containing two people. He proceeded to leap up and down on the car, cutting himself badly, and then he got tired of being crazy and laid down on the car's roof.

As people gathered to watch, the man reportedly tried to make them applaud his bizarre performance.

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The story quickly went from funny to terrifying when the man attacked the driver of the Mustang, according to someone who said he witnessed the event. Police eventually detained him and and brought him to a hospital for examination. ABC News reported speculation that he may have overdosed on a narcotic.

He will probably be charged for vandalism, according to ABC.