Oncoming train hits woman stuck in her car

Dramatic video of a train hitting a car.

It is quite remarkable that the woman driving this car walks away unscathed.

According to NBC Chicago, her car got stuck on the tracks of a Metra train in northwest suburban Des Plains, IL, shortly after 4 p.m. on Monday. Problem was, the Metra train was coming in, fast.

After attempting to make a turn at the train tracks in the snow, the woman’s vehicle lost traction and came to a halt, directly on the tracks. No big deal, right? Wrong.

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When she tried to reverse off the tracks, she got stuck. And then of course, the gates and signals activated to warn of an oncoming train. Lights flashing and Railway Crossing bars being lowered equals Instant panic mode.

This wasn’t like the movies where the car gets stuck on the tracks and the audience is in for some real suspense. Like when the door gets jammed so the driver can’t get out, and the only alternative is to keep trying to open it; and as the train approaches, the driver miraculously makes it out of the car, one millisecond before the train collides with the vehicle. No, not like the movies at all, because this woman never got out!

The train, heading westbound, struck the vehicle with the woman still inside.

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There was no stopping this train, and apparently the woman didn’t react fast enough to get out of the car, so the train just plowed right into her. The video captures the car spinning around upon impact and slamming into a railroad-crossing pole, forcing the car to a halt. Police say the woman walked away unharmed. Hey lady, you might want to thank your lucky stars because it seems you just dodged a date with death!

The accident caused train delays up to two hours, which wouldn’t be the worst thing if it wasn’t so cold outside.

What kills me the most is the guy filming the whole thing go down from about a hundred metres away. Didn't he think to maybe run over and help this poor woman out of her car? There was only a TRAIN coming directly at her! Oh yes, you'd better get your phone out and catch this on camera instead ...

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