Ottawa solves pesky squirrel problem – by deporting them to Quebec

'Squirrel Doesn't Taste Like Chicken'

Using traps and cars, it seems frustrated Ottawa residents have found a solution to keeping squirrels from wandering into their houses — sending them to Quebec.

Alone and without even so much as a language lesson, curious squirrels living near the upscale Westboro neighbourhood are being deported to the other side of the bridge that connects Ottawa to Gatineau, QC, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

The squirrel smugglers are apparently none other than Westboro residents themselves. One of them revealed a neighbour's' squirrely activities to the Citizen's news tip line, the local newspaper reported.

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"Are they French-speaking squirrels?" an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources spokesperson reportedly said to the Citizen.

Whether the squirrels are welcome among Quebecois residents or not, it's usually illegal to deport them to Quebec or any other province. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website says humans cannot move wildlife farther than one kilometre.

The ministry suggests relocated squirrels will have to fight for food and space with those already established in the area. Alas, it seems Ontarians can't just send all of their problems to Quebec.

Here's hoping the deported squirrels discover poutine and pizzaghetti in their new home.

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