Owner provides tiny ‘wheelchair’ for disabled pet goldfish

A caring owner created a floating sling to help his goldfish swim.

A loving pet owner has extended compassion beyond what many would do for a floundering goldfish.

This orange swimmer received a little help staying afloat with a fish wheelchair of sorts that lets it paddle around the tank without getting stuck in the sand. A hand descends to feed the goldfish, perhaps because it can't quite swim to the top to catch its own food like the others.

A YouTube user uploaded another video that looks almost exactly the same, showing a fish paddling about in a tiny harness. The description on that video says the sling was built for a disabled goldfish that has trouble floating on its own.

"She looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day!" the description says.

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It's definitely not the first time a caring owner has come to the aid of a beloved pet, but it might be the most unusual. In the past month alone we've reported on Zip the dog running an obstacle course after being left a paraplegic after being hit by a car, and Flipper the cat, born with a twisted spinal cord.

And of course there was the story about a disabled baby pig learning to use a wheelchair made from toy parts. Piggy struggles at first as it fails to grasp the concept of keeping the wheels on the ground before he gets the hang of it. The owner's compassion is only slightly offset by his naming the pig Chris P. Bacon.

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