Pakistani television show gives away real babies as prizes

A television show in Pakistan is giving away real babies as prizes.

A show Pakistan that gives away babies on live television is causing controversy among viewers for turning children into prizes, but the creators say it's a good deed that makes parents happy.

CNN reported the show, which broadcasts seven hours a day during Ramadan, vets parents seeking an adopted child and gives some of them babies during the broadcast.

The children come from a non-governmental organization, the CHHIPA Welfare Association, which often finds abandoned babies, according to CNN.

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But not everyone is pleased.

"A good thing done in reckless manner is not good, human beings are not trophies," Facebook user Yasin Janjua posted online.

"This is not okay, it is child abuse," another user posted.

However, CNN reported the show is very popular and the welfare association said each couple registers and passes screening in advance.

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A similar contest in Ottawa, ON, shocked and angered some residents in 2011. The radio station Hot 89.9 published advertising with the slogan "Win A Baby," featuring pictures of infants and lines such as "She could be yours!"

However, the station was in fact offering couples the chance to win up to $35,000 in fertility treatments, not an actual, living baby.

CTV News reported the station received more than 400 applicants. The radio station ended up awarding five finalists the prize, rather than picking one, according to the Toronto Star.

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