Papa John’s pizza dough monster keeps growing, and growing …

A pizza dough monster spotted behind a UK Papa John's restaurant grew beyond the size of its dumpster.

It’s alive!

How about a dumpster full of still-expanding pizza dough to liven up your morning walk to work? That's how one woman felt after tweeting the picture of the pizza dough monster growing behind a Papa John’s pizzeria in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The image shows a dumpster behind the establishment overflowing with pizza dough, with no signs of stopping. It seems the dough must have expanded enough that it pushed the lid of the bin open and was oozing out onto the street, meaning the yeast in the dough was still very much active. Which begs the question, at what point does it stop? Yeast is actually a type of single-celled fungus that reproduces by budding, and is used in many types of dough to cause it to rise.

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Maybe one of the Papa John’s employees misread the recipe because there seems to be just a little too much yeast in this batch. No worries, just toss it in the garbage bin out back, no one will ever know.

The picture, tweeted by Ailsa Burn-Murdoch, caught the attention of Papa John’s U.K. who tweeted her back that they are investigating the matter.

Is this really the worst thing in the world, though? Realistically, we could let this one slide. Let this dough monster expand, call Papa John's to show us how it’s done, and let's get this pizza party started!

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