Parents strap GoPro camera to child during a game of hide-and-seek

A classic childhood game gets a whole new perspective from a little boy as he searches for his parents while wearing a GoPro camera.

Dan Iverson and his wife strapped the camera to their son’s head during their hide-and-seek game and the result is one adorable video from the child’s point-of-view.

As the toddler searches from room to room, he takes us along, checking any possible hiding spots.

At one point during his search, he stands in the hallway appearing to think where to go next before the family dog appears and helps out.

During the entire hunt, his parents are hiding in the closet while watching the live preview from the GoPro camera on their cellphone.

They might have been in the closet for a while if it wasn’t for the family dog, who blew their cover.

As the boy opens the closet door and finds his parents, he’s overcome with giggles, so happy to have finally found them.