Photo of pit bull, bunnies and chick goes viral

Pit bulls and bunnies and chicks, oh my.

An image of a pit bull cuddling with a basket of bunnies, a baby chick sitting atop its head, has gone viral over the weekend and sparked more debate about a dog breed with a reputation of violence and aggression.

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The image was viewed more than a million times on the photo sharing website Imgur and nearly 1,500 people commented once it was re-posted to Reddit.

"Your typical violent and aggressive Pit Bull," read the image title, pointing out how the friendly-looking dog in the photo contradicts the public's negative perception of the breed.

Pit bulls are banned as family pets in Ontario and Winnipeg, despite opposition from former owners who say they are loving dogs who are not dangerous when they're properly trained. Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle opted to leave his family in St. Louis, Missouri, rather than separate from his beloved family pit bull, according to the Globe and Mail.

However, when three pit bulls killed an Alberta family's dog in January, the sound of outrage rose up once again, calling for a ban in that province, too.

While one person's cuddly pooch might be another's vicious animal, the dog in this photo is certainly a fan of his fluffy little pals.

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Unless that baby chick became lunch.