Pint-sized ‘B-Girl’ wows the Internet with dance moves

A 6-year-old breakdancing sensation known as 'B-girl Terra' totally owns the dance floor at the Chelles Battle Pro competition in Paris, France!

An itty-bitty break dancing queen is wowing the Internet this week after a video of her performance at the Chelles Battle Pro in France circulated on the web.

B-Girl Terra, as she is described in the video description, is a pink-striped attitude machine with moves like you wish you had. After her taller male competitor, Jstyles performs, ending with an impressive head spin, Terra wiggles onto the stage on her back, doing a flip to stand up. She sends the crowd into a frenzy within the first few seconds.

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As her routine ends and her opponent comes back out to dance again, Terra waves a finger at him nuh-uh and gives him a little shove. She finishes by spinning on her head like a top.

The boy answers with a solid performance but tiny Terra wins the crowd's heart as she does front-walkovers back onto the stage for her final act. She didn't win, however, according to a tweet sent from the competition's official account.

The little dancer is listed as a member of the group Soul Mavericks from London, U.K. She's only 6-years-old, according to Mashable.

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The video was uploaded on March 3 and it's been viewed more than 975,000 times.