Pranksters use real-looking dinosaur to scare unsuspecting victims in park

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned prank?

Rhode Islanders out for a nice, sunny walk got the shock of a lifetime when they saw a dinosaur in the park.

Prankster Jay Lichtenberger and his crew have created a YouTube comedy channel based solely around the pranks they play on unsuspecting victims. Jay and his prank partner Brian Medeiros Jr. decided to place a nest full of large dinosaur eggs on the side of the path so that people would stop and take a look.

That’s when the fake dinosaur pops out ready to attack, frightening the poor suckers who fall for it. And, shockingly enough, many do fall for it!

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The dinosaur costume looks pretty real, and as it emerges from the bushes many people don’t have time to focus on the reality of the whole situation because they’re too busy running for their lives.

However, many simply laugh at the fake dinosaur and continue on their way, unfazed by the vicious creature protecting its eggs. Then again, most people remember that dinosaurs are extinct.

“Is it April Fools?” asks one woman while laughing at the ridiculous creature. “I thought it was Memorial Day! That’s what this is all about!” she adds as she walks away.

One woman fully abandons her children when the three of them stop to look at the eggs and are scared senseless when the dinosaur emerges from the bushes. Arms flailing, she finally grabs her daughter, who is also terrified. Her son had already taken off down the path screaming, “RUN!!”

To watch all of Lichtenberger’s pranks, check out the official YouTube channel here or go to to see more hilarious prank videos.

You can also see some pranks that were actually good deeds in the videos below:

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