Puppy drives car directly into nearby pond

We all know how badly our dogs try to be human sometimes, but a puppy in Boston took doing it to a new limit when she accidently drove her owner’s car into a nearby pond.

The owner of the 5-month-old German shepherd, John Costello, said that after taking Rosie for a walk around Bolivar Pond in Canton on Sunday, they headed to the car, ready to go home.

Costello started the car, and that’s when Rosie jumped in.

Rosie accidentally landed on the gearshift when she jumped in, sending the car into drive.

“When the car jerked, she rolled over and landed on the gas pedal and we all got tangled up,” said Costello in an interview with WBZ News. The car lunged forward sending them straight into the water.

“She got scared and jumped into the backseat. At that time the car rolled a little more,” he said.

Costello jumped out of the vehicle and the water forced his door shut, trapping little Rosie inside the car as it sank deeper into the pond.

“I jumped in through the window and I grabbed her by her neck and pulled her out until we both fell back into the water,” said Costello.

Dive teams later pulled the car out of the water, but it was a write-off.

“Next time I gotta be more careful about how she jumps around in the car,” he said, knowing the situation could have been much worse.

Canton Police Officer Robert Quirk who arrived on the scene tweeted a photo of Rosie after the incident, poking fun at the puppy's predicament.

No charges have been laid against Rosie for driving without a license, but she may be in the doghouse for totaling Costello’s Dodge Neon.

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