Rare fish caught in Mexico stolen, filleted for lunch

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Daily Buzz

It's a fish caper for the ages, the story of a rare 300-pound creature that ended up getting swiped and converted into lunch before the fishermen who caught it could celebrate their bounty.

As GrindTV chronicles, Capt. Josue Moreno, a 20-year-old resident of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, wrote to the Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog to boast of his spectacular Nov. 1 catch.

Moreno claims he had taken a group of tourists out on his 28-ft. cruiser for a half day of fishing, when he spotted an enormous fish with a "dorado-shaped head, tuna-type body, wahoo tail (with half of it missing) and a snapper color."

The fish was later pegged as a louvar, a species so rare it hasn't been spotted in Cabo's waters for more than two decades.

"I thought it was a red snapper or tuna," Moreno told the blog. "So we went over to investigate and saw this really weird fish, like something we had never seen before. It was still alive, but almost dead, struggling to breathe. So we gaffed it and had a really hard time getting it onto the swimstep. The tourists on board were amazed and kept asking us what it was, but we had no idea."

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Just don't tell that version of events to Joe Estrada, an angler from San Antonio, Texas who gave Sports Fishing magazine the real scoop.

On the water that day aboard their chartered boat, Estrada and his buddies were fishing for dorado when they spotted the unusual fish swimming close to the top of the water.

The men took video of their amazing capture, whereby they're showing gaffing the enormous haul and attaching it to the boat's swim platform.

But the fishing that day was good, so the captain convinced them to stay out while he found another boat to take the prized catch back to shore and have it put on ice.

That's when Moreno actually came into the picture: His charter boat was called in to do the honours.

But instead of following instructions, Moreno posed for a photo as though the catch were his and immediately began to fillet Estrada's fish, distributing it to people around the marina.

By the time the Estrada party returned, little remained of the 300-pounder they'd captured, although he appeared to handle it with grace.

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"I like the fact that everybody was fed," Estrada told the Pisces blog. "I hate to see fish go to waste and I am glad that so many families got fed."

And while he didn't get to enjoy his own catch, hopefully his cautionary tale will result in Moreno's photo getting circulated around the Cabo area along with the warning: Do not give your fish to this man.