Redditor miraculously finds fellow Redditor’s missing mom

A Redditor miraculously finds a fellow Redditor's missing mom

Trying to locate one woman with dementia in the streets of New York City would be like trying to locate a needle in a haystack.

But after user Josh Goldberg posted a plea for help on, someone actually spotted his lost mother in the city.

According to Josh’s description on reddit, his mother May, who has severe dementia, was left alone in her apartment on Monday and wandered out onto W69 St. between Central Park West and Columbus.

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“Her name is May Goldberg. She is 59 years old, Chinese, 5'6" 115 lbs. She has shoulder-length black hair and we believe she might be wearing a white, long-sleeve, zip-up fleece. She speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English. She walks with a slight limp due to hip-replacement surgery she had several years ago. She has severe dementia,” Goldberg posted, along with more information and pictures of his mom.

The NYPD and several missing persons/Alzheimer’s associations were contacted to help with the search, and Goldberg kept the world updated on the search for his mother through the reddit site.

Finally, someone saw her.

As Josh received the tip that someone may have spotted her at East 47th and Lexington Avenue, he posted the news to so that others in that area could be on the lookout for her as well.

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The person who found her, a reddit user by the name ‘geryorama’, was walking home from work around 9:30-10 p.m. She wasn’t sure if it was May, so she pulled out her phone and pulled up the reddit page to confirm. She approached May and asked for her name and told her that her family had been searching for her. They went to the lobby of the nearby Hyatt hotel and used the phone, where according to ‘geryorama’ the staff at the front desk was extremely helpful.

Police arrived within 3 minutes and an ambulance was called for May. That’s when ‘geryorama’ posted the reply to Josh on reddit, confirming that May had indeed been found. What a relief!

See? The Internet on your phone CAN be used for more than uploading your latest selfie to Instagram!

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