Rob Ford is clearly happy about keeping his job

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford enjoying himself at a Toronto supper club.

The Toronto mayor was caught on camera dancing and partying

When the world hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And when you party, you party like it's 1999.

It seems those are the credos Toronto Mayor Rob Ford follows.

Lawyer George Gray posted on his Twitter account the above photo of the beleaguered Toronto mayor in fine form, apparently at Bloke and 4th, an upscale downtown Toronto supper club.

Now, we can't confirm the location, nor when the photo was taken. Since first appearing this morning, the photo has been removed from Gray's Twitter feed.

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On Wednesday, Ford was granted a stay in power until his alleged conflict of interest case is reviewed by an appeal court. On Nov. 26, Justice Charles Hackland found Ford guilty of breaching the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and was given two weeks to clear out his desk at City Hall.

You've got to love Ford's moxie. In your face, Hackland!