Romanian princess accused of hosting cockfighting derbies

A Romanian princess is accused of hosting cockfighting derbies with her husband, a former sheriff's deputy, at their home in Oregon.

The Oregonian reported federal police arrested Irina Walker, the daughter of King Michael I of Romania, and her husband, John Wesley Walker, along with more than two dozen other suspects in connection with illegal gambling and violating animal welfare laws.

The pair is accused of hosting cockfights at their ranch, inviting spectators to watch territorial roosters carrying knives tied to their legs engage in bloody battles for entertainment and gambling.

Though the cruel sport of cockfighting dates back centuries, it's now illegal. And it's not the type of behaviour one might associate with a modern-day princess.

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The Walker couple is scheduled to appear in federal court on Friday, according to the Associated Press. Princess Irina is fifth in line to the Romanian throne, according to The Oregonian.

In 2009, Canadian police in York region charged more than 70 people in connection with a cockfighting ring in East Gwillimbury, north of Toronto, according to the CBC.

Police told the broadcaster they found 74 live birds among a handful of dead roosters, and they said the gruesome scene was disturbing.

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