Seattle restaurant’s customers photograph babies next to newborn-sized burritos

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
A baby is pictured next to a Gorditos burrito. Apparently the baby loves the restaurant.

That baby is the size of a burrito.

A restaurant in Seattle has sparked an unusual trend among parents. Customers have been photographing their newborn babies next to the restaurant's four-pound grande burrito to illustrate the size of the monstrous wrap.

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Gorditos offers a free burrito to parents who submit a photograph, according to the Seattle Times, as long as the baby is younger than one month old. The $9 burrito can come with two tortillas, a choice of meat, guacamole, cheese and sour cream.

A Reddit user recently posted a snapshot of framed babies with burritos pictures from the restaurant, drawing attention to the ongoing joke. Hundreds of users commented on the thread, and one posted a strange, related news clipping of a burrito that was apparently mistaken for a baby several years ago.

Gorditos reputation isn't exactly new, as locals have been raving about the gigantic burritos for years, judging by this 2006 restaurant review in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. But the marketing tactic along with the huge portion size is earning the restaurant new attention.

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Other restaurants have cashed in on the North American love for too much food in one plate. A Wendy's restaurant in Manitoba recently stopped selling its "T. Rex" burger, which had nine patties and sold for $21.99, after the fast-food chain's head office told the branch to stop selling the novelty item.

Check out the slide show below to see Gorditos customers' submitted photos of babies and burritos.