Second time’s a charm for plane crash proposal

There are memorable proposals, and then there's the time Mike Flynn's proposal to girlfriend Michelle indirectly led to a plane crash.

The New England man hired pilot Mark Simmons to fly over a Rhode Island beach on Monday with a "Will You Marry Me?" banner while he planned to get down on one knee below.

But as ABC News reports, Simmons' engine failed 10 minutes into the flight, causing the plane to veer straight into nearby Block Island Sound.

"I got about six miles into the trip and the engine ran rough for a brief second and then completely stopped," Simmons told an ABC news affiliate.

Before he crashed, Simmons managed to send a mayday call to his 8-year-old son.

The boy alerted airport personnel to his dad's exact location, while Simmons strapped himself to the Piper Pawnee's landing gear and clung to the tires for dear life.

A group of passing boaters spotted the pilot and towed him back to land, helping a very lucky Simmons emerge unscathed.

Meanwhile, back on the beach, an already nervous Flynn now had a much larger situation to freak out about.

"While it was happening, I was pacing the beach. I was really worried," he said.

Showing Small Company of the Decade dedication, Simmons offered to get back up there the next day and give it another go.

"He called and was really apologetic and really sincere," Flynn revealed. "He said, 'You know, I would like to continue. … I would like to finish what I started. I got another plane and I can fly it any day this week.'"

On Tuesday, Flynn brought his confused girlfriend out to the same spot. Only this time, the proposal went off without a hitch (and she said "yes" to boot).

Disaster averted, twice.