This sheep really needs a throat lozenge

This sheep really needs a throat lozenge. (Screengrab/YouTube)

It's cold season, and this sheep on a farm in Washington state could use a lozenge to loosen up its strained vocal chords.

Nick Tibbetts uploaded a nine second video of the moment one croaky sheep tried to join in the bleating of its friends, but couldn't quite blend in.

The video has been viewed more than 186,000 times since it was uploaded Oct. 21. Tibbetts also posted the link to Reddit, which, of course, led someone to re-mix the sheep's noises into a sheep metal song.

Farm animal sounds, while they're most readily associated with Old MacDonald Had a Farm, have also been part of a musical trend whereby crows, barks and meows are remixed into death metal songs on YouTube.

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Tibbetts appears to have recorded his sheep video at Walters' Fruit Ranch in Greenbluff, Washington, near Spokane. He posted that he brought his family to the farm and when he heard the strange animal's sounds, decided he had to record it.

"My wife couldn't understand why I wanted to film it so bad [sic]," he wrote.

One Reddit user posted a link to another video, which seems to record the broken bleating of the same sheep, though it's misidentified as a goat. Someone off camera jokes, "excuse yourself!" after the sheep blurts a sound similar to a burp.