Sheriff posts billboard to wish constituents a happy Valentine’s Day

Mississippi sheriff Tyrone Lewis posted a billboard wishing constituents a Happy Valentine's Day.

There's more love to be found in Jackson, Mississippi than June Carter and Johnny Cash would have you believe, judging by the sheriff's lovely Valentine's Day billboard.

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis posted a billboard last week to wish his constituents in Hinds County a happy day of love. The sign features Lewis in a dapper suit and red tie with roses and candy in the background. Local media have been commenting on his romantic choice of outreach.

Imagining the sheriff as a knight on a white horse who can sweep citizens off their feet and out of dangerous situations is one way to make the community feel safe. The Clarion-Ledger reported the sheriff chuckled when reporters asked him about the billboard.

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For reasons that evade logical explanation, everything is funnier when it's on a billboard. Take San Diego millionaire Marc Paskin, who posted a sign before Christmas saying all he wanted for Christmas was a Latina girlfriend.

A image of his face greeted drivers with a smile but the picture was cropped at a strange part of his neck so that it was unclear if he was wearing a shirt or not. Many observers noted, however, that if anyone deserved a Latino girlfriend for Christmas, it was this generous philanthropist.

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