Simpsons fan gets 41st tattoo of Homer, breaks world record

Simpsons sleeve

Lee Weir really loves The Simpsons.

The 27-year-old father of one from Auckland, New Zealand, has 41 tattoos of Homer Simpson on his left arm.

Among his tattoos are baby Homer, Kurt Cobain Homer, donut Homer, Grim Reaper Homer, jack-in-the-box Homer, and a Homer skull.

The colourful sleeve took more than 25 hours to complete. Weir was so determined to get the tattoos that he gave up beer for a year to pay for it.

"It's almost poking fun at tough-guy badge tattoos," he told 3 News. "As you see it at a distance and go 'Oh, that guy's got a tattoo,' then you get closer and go, 'Oh, it's Homer, that's hilarious'."

Last month, after receiving dermatologist reports to confirm the tattoos are real, Guinness World Records confirmed that Weir broke the record for "the most tattoos of the same cartoon character tattooed on the body."

"To have a record for something that is not only cool but also very close to me is just brilliant," Weir said of his world record. "It hasn't made me a better person but I definitely think it has made me a slightly cooler one."

Weir claims he was raised by the "real-life Ned Flanders," and wasn't allowed to watch the show as a child.

"He wouldn't let me watch as it depicted the father and the head of the household to be a buffoon," Weir told the Daily Mirror. "But I've always enjoyed watching the show in later life and it feels incredible to be a record breaker."

"My two-year-old daughter Lucy can point out different Homer tattoos on my arm — her favourite is 'baby Homer'."

Weir got his first Homer tattoo in 2007.

His ultimate tattoo goal is to have a portrait of himself drawn by The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening.

"Just on a scrap bit of paper that I could then get tattooed," Weir said of his dream tattoo. "And then you get you as a character, tattooed on you."

Why the Homer obsession?

"I like this guy because he's big and orange like me," Weir told 3 News.

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