Skiers in Quebec wow with simultaneous hand-holding back flip

A group of Canadian skiers have tried to break a world record with a simultaneous somersault completed while holding hands on the slopes.

A total of 30 skiers gathered at Mont St. Sauveur, north of Montreal, where they practiced their back flips and prepared to link up for one, big trick they hoped would glide them into the record book, according to Sky News.

On the first attempt, the skiers told Sky News an uneven jump caused the line to break. But on the second jump, the skiers flipped together, creating a wave effect with their airborne bodies, and landing with hands still connected.

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Then, naturally, they celebrated with poutine.

You can see the skiers from an angle below the jump in the following video.

Mikael Kingsbury, a world cup winner in Moguls skiing, organized the event and Tweeted about it on Sunday.

He told media the skiers had missed the deadline for this year's Guinness World Records but he said they would try again next year.

The Guinness website features a record for the longest chain of skiers, which included 60 participants in Manchester, UK. However, there doesn't appear to be a record posted online for the longest chain of skiers completing a somersault.

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At least, these athletes must have broken the record for Craziest Canucks.