Student drunkenly emails professor, wakes up to the best response

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We’ve all been there.

A drunk text to an ex, photos posted to Facebook, blurry and fuzzy with only a hint of memory. Whether it’s an impulsive and uninhibited phone call or an embarrassing video on your Instagram feed, it’s safe to say that alcohol and technology don’t mix.

Student Patrick Davidson took to his email after a night of drinking, sending his professor, Mr. Martin, a note filled with drunken slang, an apology for Martin’s less-than-luscious head of hair, and a request for an extension on an assignment. The email was uploaded to Reddit, and Martin’s response has also gone viral.

A few Redditors added their own tipsy texts and emails, most of which did not have quite the same response.

[–]DMann420 posted: “I sent my university a really angry and partially drunk message about cancelling my University program 1 week after accepting me into it. Instead of likes and shares.. I got an Academic Warning.”

CuriousKumquat added:

“I once drunkenly texted a professor to ask an incredibly stupid question regarding an assignment that I had been working on. He messaged me back, answering the question, and then recommended some phone apps that make you solve math problems and such before texting—to keep you from sending out drunk texts.”

Now that’s a smart phone.