Student returns toilet paper rolls years after stealing them

Jordana Divon
Daily Buzz

Imagine carrying that particular load on your conscience for so many years.

As the Associated Press reports, a former student at Eastern New Mexico University surprised school officials with the year's most unusual Christmas gift: an enormous box stuffed with toilet paper.

Along with the two-ply bounty — 5 packages of 16 rolls in total — the anonymous bathroom tissue donor included a Christmas card and note providing motivation for the act: a written apology wherein the writer expressed remorse for stealing toilet paper from a dormitory years ago.

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Increased devotion to the Christian faith, the gift-giver said, had led to this desire to wipe the slate clean.

"Jesus Christ has made such a difference in my life and has prompted me to repay for any sins..." read the note.

Though the entire incident may be an elaborate ruse, it's certainly a more efficient prank use of toilet paper than wrapping it around trees.

Instead, university officials have chosen to interpret the act as a genuine movement toward repentance and allow that "all is forgiven."

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Unfortunately, the gift paper does not fit in dormitory dispensers and will be donated to a local charity.