‘Dark Knight’ super-fan builds Batcave with secret entrance and home theatre

Chris Weir doesn't need to tune in at the same bat time on the same bat channel to get his fix of the superhero that's fueled his home-design ambitions.

He built his own Batcave, complete with a home theatre and a secret lever to open the door, according to Barcroft Media.

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In a video touring the $150,000 bat cave, Weir says he was planning his vision for a superhero lair before he even bought the house. He says he made sure there was plenty of basement space.

Naturally, he has about 2,000 comic books, plus a bat suit and a whole host of other memorabilia. However, Weir's obsession falls into perspective when he opens a Shakespeare bust, pulls a lever and waits for the bookshelf to swing open, revealing the entrance to his elaborate cave.

Weir says it took about two and a half years to finish building his dream basement and now his family descends "nightly" into the cave to watch Batman television shows and films.

Reading a Superman comic must be grounds for punishment in this house.

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Surprisingly, Weir doesn't appear to be the first Batman-addict to have recreated Bruce Wayne's secret headquarters, nor the biggest spender.

Another fan built a $2 million Caped Crusader-themed home cinema in Connecticut in consultation with the Canadian-based company, Elite Home Theater Seating, according to the Daily Mail tabloid.

Holy money-to-spare, Batman.

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