Surfer Jamie O’Brien is set on fire while riding giant wave

As if the monstrous waves of Teahupo in Tahiti wasn’t even to scare any surfer, one brave man rode the waves while on fire.

Jamie O’Brien is a professional surfer from North Shore, Hawaii. While filming his original series Who Is Job 5.0 in Tahiti, he got an idea to attempt a daredevil stunt: to light himself on fire and surf the “world’s heaviest waves.

The idea came to him through Instagram. According to O’Brien, he received a comment that said ‘it would be cool if you lit yourself on fire.’ So the surfer went to Red Bull and pitched the idea.

The stunt took around a year to perfect with several trial runs on land and in the water, reported the Daily Mail. Even Hollywood stunt coordinator, Riley Harper was called in to be part of the team.

After each run, the surfer had to plunge into the water to prevent himself from getting burnt. During one of his test runs, O’Brien got a quarter of his eyebrow singed from the fire.

The challenges, however, didn’t stop O’Brien from accomplishing his goal.

[video 1]

In a recent YouTube video posted by Red Bull, O’Brien is seen in his wetsuit getting prepped by his team.

The Hawaii native wore thermals, a wetsuit, another layer on top, then a hoodie and a second wetsuit to protect himself from getting burned, which added up to 15 lbs of insulation.

A camera attached to the back of his board captures the intense ride. He comes out off the wave, unharmed, but still on fire. He then jumps into the water to extinguish the flames.

“I caught the biggest wave of my life today,” O’Brien told Red Bull. “It was a dream wave, and I was on fire. It was the biggest adrenaline rush of my life.”

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