Taco Bell ‘thinks outside the buns,’ responds to teen’s request for custom Speedo

Jesse Michaels
Senior News Editor
Daily Buzz
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A high school swimmer has become Taco Bell's marketing dream after he asked the fast food chain for a custom Speedo. And now it seems he'll get his wish.

Ryan Klarner posted a request on Taco Bell's Facebook page in December, asking for a Speedo designed with the cheeky slogan 'think outside the buns', and the idea has been buzzing around the Internet ever since.

"Hey Taco Bell, I am a swimmer/diver at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Il.," Klarner wrote in his initial post.

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The sophomore student described his swimming victories, including breaking his school's diving record for his age group and winning almost every meet he's attended.

"Where do I go after a long day's workout? Taco Bell of course, I eat at Taco Bell at least 5-7 times a week," he wrote.

"So, what I am asking is this, is there any way you guys could make me a customized Speedo that says think outside the buns on the back of it? If you did, that would mean the world to me."

Not to deny a young athlete his wish, or a miss a golden marketing opportunity, the administrator for Taco Bell's Facebook page responded by asking for Klarner's size and address.

In a string of comments below the post, Klarner followed up with a post saying he would receive the Speedo sometime this week.

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Taco Bell is owned by Yum! Brands, which has adopted some quirky marketing strategies lately. The company's Canadian branch turned a Facebook joke into reality when it had Pizza Hut perfume developed and sent to 100 social media followers.

Let's hope other athletes consult Taco Bell's nutritional chart before adopting tacos as their primary source of food.