Toy meth lab inspired by ‘Breaking Bad’ sells out online

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A toy company has cooked up a mixture of controversy and amusement after its plastic block meth lab set, inspired by the show Breaking Bad, sold out.

Citizen Brick recently offered Superlab Playset complete with "poison" warnings, barrels of ingredients and figurines based on characters in the show for $250.

"Bummed out that your favourite show is going off the air? Well soothe yourself with the Citizen Brick Superlab Playset," the toy description says.

Daily Mail claimed the set, which is not affiliated with children's toy-maker LEGO, created "outrage" online, though the tabloid also reported the toy was built for children, which is doubtful.

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Citizen Brick's actual target audience, according to its cheeky online marketing, includes "nostalgia benders," "jaded hipsters," "reclusive diorama-builders" and "funny people" — though perhaps the company meant to include "small children who watch television shows featuring violence and drugs" on the list of their biggest customers, but they forgot.

Wired magazine interviewed the owner of Citizen Brick, Joe Trupia, back in August, and he said the company had received a flood of requests to build a lab after its related "chemistry enthusiast" figurine sold out earlier this year.

Last year, photos of an elaborate Breaking Bad-inspired meth lab built out of real LEGO blocks went viral online.