A truly Canadian (Tire) album

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz

A Canadian folksinger is releasing an album this week that was funded by purchases of hoses, tires and shovels.

Corin Raymond and The Sundowners paid for their new album, entitled Paper Nickels, using donated Canadian Tire money from proud Canucks nationwide.

The Canadian Tire guy can exit stage left, Raymond's patriotically-funded album comes complete with humour and touching stories of everyday lives represented in dog-eared 5 cent bills.

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A class of fourth graders from Fort St. John, B.C. sent Raymond $11.90 in Canadian Tire money with a drawing of the students that said "We Support Paper Nickels."

Not even a Tim Hortons commercial could replicate this stuff.

Raymond compiled photos representing the campaign into the album package, including one of a toy woman hanging Canadian Tire bills on a miniature clothesline like they're blankets. He calls it the world's first coffee table CD.

"The tale of the Tire Caper, in all its multi-coloured glory," he wrote on his website.

The musician's 2011 song, Don't Spend it Honey, with its references to saving bills for discount trailer hitches and Koho hockey bags, started Raymond's connection to the colourful money.

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The fundraising began and Raymond has raised nearly $6,200 to pay Rogue Music Lab for recording Paper Nickels. However, he's still about $1,100 short of paying the studio's bill.

Send in the beer bottles full of CT Money, this piece of Canadian folklore is nearing a happy ending.