Ukrainian man finds dog that resembles Vladimir Putin

A Ukrainian man has found a dog that resembles Vladimir Putin.(Photos courtesy

Why, that dog looks like a president.

Observers, perhaps stretching their imaginations, are seeing an uncanny resemblance between Russian President Vladimir Putin and a dog spotted in Kiev, Ukraine, according to the Moscow Times.

Citing the Russian-language news site that first reported it,, the Moscow Times wrote a man in Ukraine found and photographed the dog, which also has white markings on its chest that vaguely resemble a tie. This pup is ready for its first diplomatic meeting.

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The newspaper suspected the dog was a Staffordshire terrier and German shepherd mix, but its stern expression was the point that drew presidential comparisons.

Is Putin an Animorph, as jokesters on Reddit have decided, or is his body double simply a dog, as New York magazine ponders?

Other publications have found sport in comparing the Russian president to animals, such as Foreign Policy, which recently published a list of hairless cats alongside Putin's image.

The connection is less flattering than the PR images Putin regularly releases, including photos of him riding a horse shirtless, feeding dolphins and seemingly catching large fish.

Two weeks ago, Putin made headlines for his strange decision to draw a cat's bottom on a classroom whiteboard during a visit to a Siberian school.