Utah family films car as it’s struck by lightning

A Utah family found a new way to charge their electronics this week when a bolt of lightning jolted their car.

The Morlock kids, Taylor, Denham and Tanner, had a video camera running in the car while their father drove during a thunderstorm, according to KSL News. The footage shows sparks flying as the lightning crashes into the car.

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"Holy crap," one of the kids says.

No one was injured, probably because a car's metal shell can protect occupants from a zap if they're sitting with the windows closed. But one of the boys said his brother, Taylor, really shouldn't have said what he did only moments before the strike.

Taylor told KSL he had wished out loud for the car to be struck by lightning, and them bam, it was.

However, the family's cell phones and other electronics, many of which had dead batteries, were all charged after the jolt of electricity, according to KSL.

Who needs an outlet?

Earlier this week, a Hawaiian man told KITV4 News lightning had shocked him through his faucet when he tried to rinse a dish during a storm.

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A Saskatchewan woman survived her second lightning strike in two decades in June when a bolt fried her car.