Video: Aquarium containing sharks, turtles explodes

Lindsay Jolivet
Daily Buzz
An aquarium with sharks bursts inside a Chinese shopping mall.

Shoppers in Shanghai, China had a close encounter with sharks on Tuesday after an aquarium exploded, injuring at least 15 people.

The Orient Shopping Centre had an aquarium installed two years ago that held three lemon sharks, turtles and small fish. Visitors were given a closer look than they probably wanted when the glass suddenly broke, sending a wave of water, glass and sea creatures barreling into the mall.

Reports vary, saying the incident injured 15 or 16 people when the acrylic glass measuring 15 cm thick shattered. The animals all died.

Sky News reported that a man taking pictures of the aquarium was swept away by water.

A safety expert told the news station that an investigation is ongoing, but preliminary evidence suggests the material used to build the aquarium ruptures in low temperatures after long term use.