Woman has terrifying drive after gas pedal gets stuck

Lauri Ulvestad drove for 94 kilometres, reaching speeds of 190 km/h with police escorts because she couldn't stop

Usually when we see police dashboard camera video of a speeding car, the police are trying to get the car to pull over, but in this case the woman driving the car called the police.

Lauri Ulvestad was driving her Kia SUV home from a friend's house on a Missouri highway when her gas pedal became stuck. The vehicle continued to accelerate hitting speeds as high as 190 km/h as Ulvestad was forced to swerve onto the grass between the sections of highway to avoid other cars. She drove about 94 kilometres in 35 minutes as police followed with sirens blaring.

Ulvestad initially called her husband, but he didn't know what to do so she called 911. Dispatcher Kelly Brieg answered that call and first suggested shifting the car into neutral, but that didn't work. State troopers quickly arrived on scene tailing Ulvestad and trying to clear the traffic to the right lane so she had a clear lane in which to drive.

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Brieg eventually told her to lift up the stuck gas pedal and brake at the same time and that proved successful, according to ABC News. The SUV came to a stop at the side of the highway and the cop ran up, put it in neutral and turned it off as a shaking Ulvestad stepped out of the car.

"If it wasn't for her, I would be here," Ulvestad said to Brieg on Good Morning America.

"I'm just so glad you're sitting here," said Brieg to Ulvestad.

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Kia released a statement saying they haven't been able to duplicate the incident, but will continue to investigate.