New York man Justin Jedlica transforms himself into a living Ken doll

We've heard of women who submit themselves to multiple procedures in order to resemble a plastic, anatomically incorrect doll named Barbie.

More specifically, we've seen these women and the glances they attract tend to be rooted more in spectacle than anything else.

But there haven't been as many instances of males following a similar surgical trajectory.

With his 90 cosmetic procedures (and counting), however, Justin Jedlica could easily stand in for a dozen men.

The 32-year-old has transformed himself into a living Ken doll, replete with chiseled abs, defined pecs, and walnut-crushing biceps — all without lifting even a single 5-pound weight.

That's because working out, as Jedlica describes it, is "so not exciting, not glamorous or fabulous."

More exciting, glamorous and fabulous, apparently, is having a surgeon repeatedly slice through your flesh and tendons: the New York man's entire body has been refurbished with silicone implants in the belly, arms and butt, while his face has been tweaked more times than a Michael Bay script.

"I love to metamorphosize myself and the stranger the surgery the better," he told ABC News (via Huffington Post). "Bucking the norm is so much fun."

Though he admitted that he and his doctors are aware of the health risks involved in pumping so much silicone into his body, Jedlica says he has no plans to stop.

With procedures topping $100,000, it appears the human Ken doll can continue to bankroll his obsession — and inexplicably continue to find doctors willing to perform more surgeries on him despite the risks.

Oddity Central has a photo of a young Jedlica in his young, pre-modified state. Like most over-surgeried folks, he was perfectly attractive before he started messing with nature.