Zombie-proof condos all sold out in Kansas, Canadians still have options

The units built out of an old missile silo had a list price of $2 million

If you are looking for something to protect yourself when zombies attack, we may have found just the abode for you. The only problem: the zombie-proof condos in Kansas have all sold out.

According to the Survival Condo website, all eight units have been purchased, although one sale is still pending.

The 1,820-square-foot condos come with an indoor pool (definitely not above ground) and spa, exercise facility, classroom, library, movie threatre, minor surgery centre and an elevator. Owners also get off-the-grid power thanks to a wind turbine and solar panels. Next to the sold notice, the website also states that they "now have an in-house dentist/orthodontist!!!!" on level 3a. Oh and did we mention it comes with a weapons cache.

All of this went for $2 million for a full floor.

The place was rated by Mother Nature Network as one of the "best U.S. places to survive the apocalypse."

The condos weren't dug into the ground, but are made from an old missile silo in Concordia, Kansas. The silo was build to withstand a nuclear explosion and according to Rocket City News is considered to be "one of the strongest structures built by man."

"Construction is well under way," reads the Survival Condo website. "The new steel structure is built and the top five floors are poured and being built out for the owners. The new septic system is complete and the new water system is nearing completion."

If you weren't one of the people who were able to purchase a zombie-proof home, the B.C. government has put together some advice on fending off the brain eaters. It recommends having a full gas tank, having an emergency kit in your home, office and car and having an out-of-province contact.

It launched a blog on the Emergency Info BC website in May to tell people what to do in case of a real emergency such as an earthquake, flood or tsunami.

A recent survey found nine per cent of Canadians believe the Mayan prediction that the world will end in 2012. In the event this minority's belief is correct, escaping into a bunker is an option in Canada. Bruce Beach has built the world's largest privately-constructed nuclear fallout shelter in Horning's Mills, Ont., about an hour and a half from Toronto. It's called Ark Two. The shelter is constructed from the shells of 42 school buses, which were buried underground in the 1980s as moulds for the poured concrete bunker.

(Image from Survival Condo)