Americans threaten to move to Canada (again) over Syrian refugees

The Canadian flag flies on Parliament Hill in Ottawa August 2, 2015. REUTERS/Blair Gable

Some Americans are once again threatening to move to Canada after U.S. President Barack Obama said he would veto a Republican bill that would slow the process of bringing Syrian refugees into the country.

“ISIS threatens are (sic) White House but we are still letting refugees come? Who’s ready to move to Canada?” a young man named Jesse Sander wrote on Twitter.

“If our country allows in Syrian refugees, I’m moving to Canada,” @mmalkoskie wrote.

“Moving to Canada if Minnesota lets the refugees in,” Chris Vanneste wrote, but later said it was just a joke. (Click here to read other posts.)

The irony, of course, is that the United States has said it will bring in 10,000 next year. Canada has pledged to bring 25,000 refugees to this country before the end of the year. Canadians on social media have been quick to point this fact out.

“‘If (my town) lets in refugees, I am moving to Canada!’ Well, I have good news and I have bad news. Both are this: We ARE accepting refugees,” Toronto writer Joey Comeau tweeted.

“Dear America. Threatening to move to Canada if your country allows Syrian refugees in, you’ll be sorely mistaken here in Canada,” Ottawa coder and blogger Andrew Goldenberg wrote.

“Every time anything happens in the (U.S.), so many Americans say ‘I’m moving to Canada’ and every single time Canada is doing the thing too,” Toronto user @w0rdem wrote.

Even those who don’t live in Canada question the thought process behind the threat to move.

“Amused by Americans threatening to move to Canada because of incoming refugees. They just assume Canada would be happy to have them … not!” tweeted British writer and artist Lorrie Whittington.

Whether threatening to move to Canada is meant to punish the U.S. or Canada is unclear, but it is a refrain Canadians have heard before, usually from Republicans.

In June, some Americans said they’d make the move north of the border after same sex marriage was made legal in the U.S. The threats were also made in 2012 when Obama won a second term.

Searching the term “moving to Canada” on Twitter also shows people are planning to move here if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump become president, if they lose an argument with their mother or just because they think it’s nicer here.

“I’m moving to Canada. Nothing bad happens in Canada,” @mmxhki wrote.

And there are some Americans who agree with what Canada is doing to help refugees — among other policy changes in the works.

“Canada is legalizing pot and being smart enough to allow Syrian refugees into their country. Yeah we’re moving,” a 20-year-old woman named Lauren from Macomb, Ill., wrote to her boyfriend on Twitter.